ESC Online is present at Rock In Rio with the opening of the Sports Bar

ESC Online, a Estoril Sol Group brand, licensed in casino games, sports betting and poker, is associated, for the first time, with Rock In Rio (RiR) with the launch of the Sports Bar, which will take place between the 18th and 26th at Bela Vista Park, in Lisbon.

The CEO of Estoril Sol Digital, Rui Magalhães, despite recognizing that the “crossing between sports and music is not common”, considers that “RiR emerges as an obvious option for ESC online to affirm its vocation for entertainment, a structuring pillar of the brand’s DNA and culture”.

As an unprecedented initiative launched by ESC Online, the Sports Bar, located at an equidistant point between the main stages of RiR, has a multi-entertainment space, with scenography, providing all visitors with dining options in the form of furniture, which includes finger food, a wide range of cocktails and beer, and two exclusive show-time experience stations that are open to the public for interaction.

With the aim of creating an unique space that combines fun, sport and interaction, ESC Online invites all interested parties to visit the Sports Bar and ESC Online Station, where they can play classic games such as Air Hockey, Beer Pong Foosball, Jenga, among others, and participate in an immersive entertainment experience. In parallel, through ESC Online displays on the gaming tables, the public will be able to bet on the favorite player to win the match played at that moment, with gifts for those who bet on the winning players.

Rui Magalhães also stated that “it is with special satisfaction that we will contribute so that this edition of Rock in Rio is lived with more intensity and fun, after two years of interruption. The debut of ESC Online at Rock in Rio with an interactive installation – ESC Online Sports Bar – aims to provide a different experience for visitors, bringing the energy of sport to a music festival.”

“One of our focuses on the second postponement was to revisit everything we had created for the 2020 edition to bring even more entertainment to the City of Rock. ESC Online immediately accepted this challenge and together we transformed a place of observation into one of the most dynamic spaces in the City of Rock! Let there be fun and animation!”, declared the Executive Vice President of Rock in Rio, Roberta Medina.