E2TECH, the promoting company for the biggest Portuguese Esports events, is pleased to announce the 10th season of the ESC ONLINE MASTER LEAGUE PORTUGAL BY ROG.

After nine seasons full of emotions, records set in the broadcasts of Portuguese Esports competitions and presence from north to south of the country in various events, ESC ONLINE MASTER LEAGUE PORTUGAL BY ROG is back for its tenth season that promises once again to move spectators’ passion.

The ESC ONLINE MASTER LEAGUE PORTUGAL BY ROG has a prize pool of €15,000 for this season and puts the 8 best CS:GO teams from Portugal and Spain face to face.

At stake, in addition to the monetary prizepool, will also be up for grabs for the coveted title of “National CS:GO Champion” held by For The Win Esports.

The competition will feature two open qualifiers. The first open qualifier will be played on the 30th and 31st of August and the second open qualifier on the 1st and 2nd of September where the entire Iberian community is invited to participate. Between the 6th and 9th of September, the second and final phase of access to the competition will take place, the closed qualifier.

“The 10th edition of the National CS:GO Championship – ESC Online Master League Portugal by ROG, the best Esports competition in the Iberian Peninsula, will take place this autumn. Portugal will welcome, with open arms, the best players from the best teams. Were if not for the high level of quality to which we have become accustomed, we would say that the enthusiasm we are feeling is the result of the longing for the emotion that this championship triggers in all of us, organization, participants and public.” States Pedro Silveira, responsible for E2Tech, the organizer of the initiative.

Estoril Sol Digital’s CEO, Rui Magalhães, stated that “ESC Online’s association with Master League Portugal reinforces the group’s pioneering and renewed commitment to the eSports and Gaming segments, two relevant vectors in Estoril Sol Digital’s strategy”.


The competition is supported by ESC ONLINE, ASUS ROG, RTP ARENA.

All interested parties can follow the competition on the RTP Arena digital platform: